“Sacred, wet, green oneNemo.jpg thBlueSeaStar.jpgat we live on, Gaia”shapeimage_1.png-J. Taylor

I invite you to explore the depths of Marine Biology and find out more about marine species , ocean conservation , and marine life.

The ocean gives us life. It provides the majority of our oxygen, the rain, food, excitement, wonder, and mystery.   The ocean buffers the weather and helps regulate gshapeimage_.pnglobal temperature , manages vast amounts of our pollutants , contains all kinds of amazing creatures , and supports all life on our planet. But—the ocean is just now beginning to be understood and with that understanding comes the increasing realMarineBioLogo.jpegization that the ocean is in deep trouble:-( shapeimage_2.png

Since 2008

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What to Expect?

Welcome to Marine BiologIMG_1086.JPGy!  In this class we wilCoralReef.jpgl be IMG_1133.JPGexploring the creatures of the ocean, learning about their habitats, their physical and behavioral characteristics, and the marine environment in which they live.

 I have a lot of really fun and cool “stuff” that I plan to do with your class, but because of the amount of students that are enrolled this will be impossible without your full cooperation inside, as w

What we will be talking about!




Week 1+2

Intro to Marine Biology


Week 3+4

Marine Environments


Week 5+6

Marine Unicellular Organisms, Algae, and Plants


Week 7+8

Porifera, Cnidarians, and Worms


Week 9+10

Mollusks, Crustaceans, and Echinoderms


Week 11+12

Marine Fish


Week 13+14

Marine Reptiles and Birds


Week 15+18

Marine Mammals


Week 19+20

Marine Ecology

ell as, outside  of the classroom.  I can only make this class fun, educationashapeimage_3.pngl, and a great success if we all going to work together.

With that being said, and my knowing that you guys, and girls, are some of the most awesome students in the school (because those are the students that I asked for!)……………here goes!!!!!!

                                                      Grading Policy and Attendance

1. Do not expect to cut class and pass this course.

2. You will be expected to present a project for your Mid-term, and Final grades.

3. There will be tests and quizzes, but generally not too much homework.

4. Most of the work for this class will be project based.

5. Field work is required, and attendance on those days is mandatory!